A little about myself. I’ve always enjoyed working with computers, even as a kid. I considered myself a bit of a geek and I was proud of it. Living in a relatively small town I especially enjoyed helping people dig themselves out of their own computer troubles. My professional life has been spent almost entirely in the web industry. I find myself working a lot with various Linux flavors, and open source. I’m still working on my bachelors degree in computer science. This is something that has proven difficult to accomplish while trying to take care of a family, and working full time, but I’m sure I’ll get done…someday..

My hope with this site is that I might impart some of the things I’ve learned to any readers that may be out there. On the other hand, I’m also quite interested to know what others’ feedback is concerning the things I write about. I don’t claim to be an expert on any of the subject matter. Most of my learning has come from gleaning practices, theory, and styles from those who are truly experts, then experimenting with these things myself.

I may on occasion post some code or software on here that I wrote. Again, this is open to critique. Just as any programmer worth anything, I’m always interested in improving the way I do things.

Lastly, I may digress from the main purpose of this site to post random things from my personal life.